Pick Up My World

I’ve always wanted to write dairy everyday, on blogbus, twice. But it never worked long for me so I gave up after all. Today my good friend Nick showed me his secret blog, on which he wrote a lot about his changes after his breakup, many other tiny stuffs, and mostly his grates,  and he doesn’t really post everyday. This give me a hint that I’m not obligated to write something everyday, and I’ll just type a few words whenever I want to. This is a good timing to start as I feel really lost these days, or ever since I came back from the States back to one year ago.If I have to choose one thing to keep working on, if not work out(lol), then I would rather choose to write, or paint. Then I found this old blog, which I launched in 2013 Fall for my Information System CORE course assignment (miss ya the teammate I admire the most Jeet Jhabakh).

The interesting thing is that every time I feel like starting a blog, it’s when I got torn by emotional feelings, well men, basically. This time, j’ai couché avec mon ami le matin de août 16. Then I came to realize a lot of relationship stuffs and I suddenly decided to forgive my ex-s, if they even count. I’m not trying to figure out who’s to blame anymore. Because the harder I try, the less I’m assured who am I. Avoir couché avec trois copines juste pendant un ans après de fin d’études, what kind of person I’ve become? I’m gonna stop right here about the dates, emotions, and relationship, and I don’t even want to understand them anymore.

It seems like Americanized graduates tend to live in the same model: workouts, clubs, jobs at IB or Big4. These things do, for the most of times, represent one’s social status.


Shabu Zen

Shabu Shabu, Hot pot from Japan.

There are various kinds of broths in Shabu Zen, and the quality of meal is incomparable.

Besides, cooking for yourself is not a big deal any more here!

It’s getting cold already, and there is definitely no better place to go than Shabu Zen!


80 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA

TORO by Ken Oringer


You may say: I have Spanish food everyday wussup!?

Here is my reply: You should really try this one!

The Valenciana Paella is a must-eat, and the baked corn is the most famous plat you have to take a bite!

If you don’t want to wait in line for 3 hours, call them! 617-535-4300

1704 Washington Street Boston, MA